The allowed clients will be FuhQuake 0.31 and MQWCL 0.96.
Also a clean f_modified will be required.


Matches will be played in two rounds, with one map per round and a decider map if needed.
Each team gets to chose one map out of a five map mappool. The available maps in this mappool are: E2M2, CTF5, CTF8, CTF2M1 and CTF2M3.
The team that did not pick the map will pick the base.
In case of a tie, a decider map from the remaining mappool maps can be agreed by the teams. If a decider map cannot be agreed then a map-tossing system will be used, with each team removing one map from the remaining mappool maps. The remaining map will be played as a decider. On this decider map the team with the highest overall score gets to chose the base.

Game won by 2-0 - 3 points
Game won by 2-1 - 2 points
Game lost by 1-2 - 1 point
Game lost by 0-2 - 0 point

Example: If Team 1 picks CTF8 and wins 600-500, Team 2 will pick the base within CTF8. Team 2 picks CTF2M3 and wins 500-1000.
Since the game is tied after two rounds, the decider map will have to be chosen from the remaining maps: E2M2, CTF5 and CTF2M1. Team 1 tosses CTF5 and Team 2 tosses E2M2, the decider map will then be CTF2M1. Since team 2 had the highest overall score (1100-1500) they will get to chose the base on that map.


Each team will play one match per week.
The playing schedule will be available when the signup-period is over so teams can schedule matches ahead. Also the matches will be publicly announced at the beginning of each week.
It is up to the respective teams to schedule the exact date on which the match will be played. When you have scheduled a match, you must e-mail romeo the date and the time. Once a match is scheduled you have until 24 hours prior to gametime to reschedule it. Failing to do so will give the other team the option to be awarded a WO. Also failing to show up at the appointed time will give the other team the option to be awarded a WO or reschedule the game. Naturally, you must be able to prove your case. If both teams fail to show up at the appointed time, then the match will be avaliable in the pickup-week at the end of the regular season.
In order for this scene to remain as active as possible, please play your games at your appointed week.

Example: In week one, Team A will face Team B and Team C will face Team D. In week two, Team A will face Team C, and so on...


After the regular season has ended, the playoffs will begin.
The regular season standings will decide the playoff-seeding, with the highest-ranking team facing the lowest-ranking team, and the second-highest team facing the second-lowest team, and so on.
If teams are tied after the regular season, then the results of the matches these teams have played against each other will be used to decide which team gets the upper hand.

The playoff will be an elimination tournament and games will be played in the same fashion as in the regular season. Except for the final-game, as it will be played in best of five rounds.


By default, the entire game will be played on the same server. But since there are so few CTF-servers around, sometimes there are no ways of finding a server with even ping. In that case, games can be splitted up in different servers. However, if the ping for the "visiting" team gets so high that it is barely playable (HPB-style) then you should consider switching to a server with acceptable ping for everyone. Please use your common sense in this and respect each other, we are only in it for the fun, right? The decider map should always be played on the server with the most even ping. If teams cannot agree upon this, then Admin should be contacted.

Server Settings

Team: 4on4 (5on5 is encouraged, 3on3 is accepted if both teams agree)
Timelimit: 20 minutes
Deathmatch mode: 3
Runes: ON
Powerups: ON


Reporting games will be done over irc or by e-mail. The things that should be included in your report are:

Scores (rounds, frags)
Screenshots (.jpg only)
Review (optional, but encouraged)