Final update
31-10-2006 by dyna

Since i decided to keep this page online, i thought i could atleast update it.

As everyone already expected the Division 1 final did not happen. Da Quaking Manjakks did everything they possible could to get Fab-5 to play, but as Fab-5 where mostly LA members it should be no suprise why the final didn't happen.
Why join a league when you have no interest in playing a final is beyond me, and the same goes for why league's keep accepting these guys. gg.

So this makes Da Quaking Manjakks the official champion of QWCL, congrats guys you really deserved it!

Spirit of Darkness win Division 2
22-09-2004 by dyna

Division 2 has ended and the winners are Spirit of Darkness. They beat Pigs of Fucking Fury in a 3-1 battle. Congratz to SD!

In Division 1 only the finals remain. Although both semifinals where not played, we're pretty sure the final will happen. So stay tuned.
The finals will be between Fab-5 and Da Quaking Manjakks.

Division 2 Finals
25-08-2004 by romeo

The finals for division 2 between Pigs of Fucking Fury and Spirit of Darkness will take place on Sunday the 12th at 21.00 CET (that is TONIGHT). POFF got there by winning two hard fought rounds versus the mighty MPOS and SD got their ticket by beating A2K in some close 3on3-action. The division 1 Semifinals are still nowhere close to being played, but we are trying to keep our hopes up. Check out the servu-bot for announcements come gametime.

Quarter Finals over
02-08-2004 by dyna

Unfortunately only one of six quater finals was played, but the league has to continue. The main problem seems to be inactivity so the teams with the most chance of actually playing the half finals are advanced.

Quarter Finals deadline
21-07-2004 by dyna

Due to inactivity most of the quarter finals haven't been played yet.
The deadline for the remaining games is set at sunday 25 july !!!
WO's will be given in favor of the teams who put the most effort into trying to make their game happen.

Playoffs Launched
05-07-2004 by dyna

The schedules have ended so it's time to move to the playoffs.
North America was moved up from division 2 to division 1 to even out the divisions. Both divisions consists of 7 teams now.
Because this is still one team short, the highest ranked team on the schedule will auto-advance to the semi finals.
These teams are Fab-5 in division 1 and Apocalypse 2000 in division 2.
See Division 1 and Division 2 pages for the playoff ladders.

xlr8 removed
04-07-2004 by dyna

xlr8 was removed from the roster because of inactivity :(

Division schedules prolonged two weeks
13-06-2004 by dyna

Since the scheduled time for the divisions is already over and many matches haven't been played yet. We decided to add two extra weeks to the schedule.
This means team have until sundaynight 4 july to play their matches. But beware as this is also the date the EC final will be played. However on 28 and 29 june and on 2, 3 and 4 july no EC matches will be played.
Matches not played before sundaynight 4 july will end up in 0 point for both teams. If a match was scheduled but a team didn't show up, the other have the right to claim WO.

This means that the playoffs will start when the EC is over, so teams will have to find other excuses for not playing on time :P

Remaining Matches :

Division 1
Oj! - Fab-5
Veni Vidi Vici - Fab-5
Fab-5 - xlr8
Veni Vidi Vici - Oj!
Oj! - Motherfuckers
xlr8 - Veni Vidi Vici
Veni Vidi Vici - The Hellraisers
The Hellraisers - xlr8

Division 2
Pigs of Fucking Fury - Satanic Slaughter Clan
Justified Ancients of Menace - MPOS
Spirit of Darkness - Justified Ancients of Menace
Gods of Hellfire - Pigs of Fucking Fury
Justified Ancients of Menace - Gods of Hellfire
Apocalypse 2000 - Spirit of Darkness
MPOS - Gods of Hellfire
Justified Ancients of Menace - North America
Spirit of Darkness - MPOS
Spirit of Darkness - Satanic Slaughter Clan
Justified Ancients of Menace - Apocalypse 2000
Satanic Slaughter Clan - Gods of Hellfire

04-06-2004 by romeo

Before we are entering the weekends activities (for some reason most teams prefer to play their games at sunday, just before deadline) i have been asked to sum up the 2 weeks of league-action we have experienced, so here we go:

The division that seems to dislike CTF2M1 the most, the map has yet to be played, and it is getting tossed first at almost every tiegame. My thought was that the narrow corridors would be appreciated by Deathmatch-players, not that much space for those pesky grapplers to fly around, but I guess I was wrong. Also we are able to see how the teams effectiveness seems to rise when players discover where and when to use the different runes - might seem obvious to some, but I am impressed of how fast the ctf-beginners are picking it up, despite me sitting on my fat ass, not writing the ctf-introduction that I promised I would do.

North America has been the team to beat in this division and might perhaps be the early season favourites. They are showing great ctf-knowledge on both CTF5 and CTF2M3, but it is obvious that E2M2 has not been played much across the Atlantic, as Apocalypse 2000 were able to steal one round from the Americans. A2K lost to MPOS however, who seems to be destroying almost everyone that steps into CTF8 against them. gaz@middleroom combined with firethedisco@base seems to be too hot too handle for most, except those speedy grapple-maniacs in NA. The late season-addition Pigs of Fucking Fury are showing great activity and I sense that they will show the most improvement come playoffs.

The players to watch in this division might be Hib of the Satanic Slaughter Clan, Ultimo of North America and Adde a.k.a the E2M2 expert, of Apocalypse 2000 (ok Adde, where is my money? :D)

In the top division we have clearly witnessed teams that are in a class of their own, with both Fab5 and Oj! showing the rest of us how the game is supposed to be played, with convincing wins over xlr8, Motherfuckers and The Hellraisers. The much anticipated matchup between these two giants were to be due last week, but has yet to be played. If you look beyond those two teams, the matches between the rest of the teams have been fairly even, with perhaps the most exciting round so far being the tiebreaker between Motherfuckers and Veni Vidi Vici on CTF8. The matches in this division are high-paced and very high-scoring, filled with nice frags.

The player to watch is definitely Space of Fab5, but two players also showing great skill are Diamond of Oj! and Herr. Z of Da Quaking Manjakks.

The Hellraisers and xlr8 has yet to score a point, but I am positive that they will come soon enough.

Okay, that is enough. Enjoy and keep up the activity!

Division 3 removed
03-06-2004 by romeo

Due to three teams dropping out of div3, we have been forced to narrow the league down to just two divisions, with SSC and JAMS moving up to div2. This will make the div2 schedule a bit more intense, with teams playing two matches per week for two weeks. This will mean that SSC and JAMS will have to play 6 matches in three weeks (not counting the pickup-week) for everyone to face each other once. We are sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully the div2 teams will be able to play all their games before we go to playoffs.

Divisions changed (again!)
26-05-2004 by romeo

After the first week of competition we have once again been forced to make some changes in the divisions. Div2 Maniacs have dropped due to inactivity, and a replacement for them was to be found in the friendly channel of the Pigs of Fucking Fury. We didn't have to change anything in the scheduling for div2, as POFF will just take Maniacs place. POFF will play last weeks match vs MPOS and also this weeks matchup with SD, to get into the competition.

We are also welcoming a new team in div1, as the Hellraisers have been added to the division. They will also use a two-match week to get into the competition. The changes in the div1 schedule will make it a little bit more intense, as we want all schedules to be finished at the same time. Div1 teams will play one game per week for four weeks, and two games in one week, once.

I will also use this time to present a list of CTF-server currently running with the Pure CTF Pro code, made by Herr. Z and dyna. We kindly ask you not to play your games on any other servers. - Sweden - Netherlands - United Kingdom

Autodemo-recording is enabled and recording MVD's. The commands for downloading demos are as follow:

cmd demolist
cmd demoinfo (number)
download demos/filename.mvd

That is all for now, play your games soon!

First blood
20-05-2004 by dyna

The first matches in the QWCL have been played. Check out the matches page for more information.
Demos can be found by clicking on the map scores in the match reports.

Divisions changed
17-05-2004 by dyna

The Divisions have changed to three division to shorten the length of the regular season to five weeks.
Division 1 schedule stays unchanged only Subzero changed to Accelerate, so scheduled games can proceed as planned.
Division 2 and 3, sorry for the inconvenience.

There will however be two playoffs so the highest ranking teams in Division 2 will still be able to play the highest playoff.

QWCL started
16-05-2004 by dyna

The QWCL has been launced. Check out the Division 1 and Division 2 pages for rankings and schedules.
Starting today the teams have untill sunday 22/05 23:59 to play their first game.
We wish gl and hf to everyone.

QWCL delayed one week
12-05-2004 by dyna

The QWCL is delayed one week. The schedule will be announced sunday 15 may and from there the teams have until the next sunday 23:59 to play their first game.
This is because we're still trying to even out the divisions so both will be fair and finished at the same time. We're almost done and need one more div2 team to pull that off. Contact Romeo if you're team is up to the challenge.
Also we're still trying to get more international servers, preferably an UK server. Because of this the Pure CTF Pro project is reopened and we will make sure to have a server package before/early this weekend. Contact dyna if you can host a server or want to contribute to the project.

Final mappool
12-05-2004 by dyna

E2M2, CTF5, CTF8, CTF2M1 and CTF2M3 will be the five maps in the final mappool, so pull out your hooks and master those maps!

07-05-2004 by romeo

Reactions were made against the changed map-pool and discussion have decided that the map-pool should consist of the following maps:

E2M2, CTF5, CTF2M1, CTF2M3

We are still deciding on CTF1/CTF8, and a decision will be made tomorrow, when the map-guide will be avaliable. We will try to ask each team their opinion on the final map, and hopefully make a decision that will satisfy most teams. Also we have decided to split the teams up in two divisions, with div1 being for the ctf-veterans and such, and div2 being the TDM and CTF-beginners division. They will probably look like this:


"The hire-team"

More teams are about to enter div 2, but I will wait for them to be official before making any announcements.

Also, error has been added to the admin-crew and more people are avaliable at the hire section. A more complete update will be made tomorrow.

Maps changed
06-05-2004 by romeo

By posting in the news and writing a column at we got a few teams originally from the TDM-scene to sign up. This is a delight for all of us in the CTF-scene as we had our hopes to have eight teams signed up, and right now we are looking at perhaps 12! A practice war between DQM and SSC last night made us open our eyes though, as it was obvious that the map favoured the team that had the best hooking skill to the point where other QW-skills did not even matter. So, to make this league as beginners-friendly as possible, we have decided to replace E2M2 with CTF2M8, which should definitely please the TDM-crowd, as the map consists of two DM2's on top of each other. Hopefully, this change will make SSC withdraw their wish of leaving the league. The maps in the map-pool right should give all teams a good chance of showing of all of their skills, while still keeping the spirit of CTF alive.

In other news, a demos section have been added. Right now it contains two demos introducing hooking and four of the maps, so head over there now to check them out. I am working on a CTF-manual that should explain some of the basic things involved, such as runes, maps, hooking and a few tactics. It should be finished by tonight, or tomorrow.

Teams that have yet to sign up should do that as soon as possible, as the deadline is just three days away. Looking for players for your team? Check out the updated hire section.

Also, new admins have been added to our crew. I am proudly introducing Adde, Zilver B. and ztorm to you all. Enjoy :).

Let's get this started
27-04-2004 by romeo

Signups will be open until the 9th of May and hopefully, on the 10th of May we will announce the games of the first week. I would like to take a moment and send out my most sincere thanks to dyna and Benoyd for html-coding and gfx. There are still some issues that needs to be dealt with considering the webpage but we will get to that soon.
I encourage everyone to gather a team and signup, the more the merrier. This is a very small scene and we need every last one of you. Sawy, old veterans or qwctf-newbies, you are all welcome! If you cannot gather enough players for a team, then check out the hire section.
Also, we are looking for admins to help us cover all the games and providing you all the best assistance possible. Interested? Contact us.

QWCL Ready to go!
23-04-2004 by dyna

Site ready, signups open.
Join us at #QWCL on quakenet.