Pigs of Fucking Fury - Spirit of Darkness








CT2M3 was really exciting. POFF captured, then SD captured, then POFF captured and so on, and the lead swayed back and forth. It could had gone either way but we managed to come out victorious at the end. (It was played 3on3 because of a misunderstanding among the SD-players i think, ah well, doesn't matter anyway)

CTF5 was equally intense since neither team had any real ctf-experience or teamplay. It was pretty chaotic yet still very fun, but this time SD snatched the highest score at the end. At this point SD said "GG" and were ready to leave when we pigs noticed them that it actually was 1-1 in maps. Seemed like they couldn't believe that they had actually won the map. :)

For the decider POFF threw CTF8 due to our bad record on it throughout the past (2 games, 2 losses), SD threw CTF2M1 which led to E2M2 being played. Thanks to the higher amount of total frags POFF was able to choose the red side and that combined with a better quad control resulted in a comfortable victory for us. GG SD!

/[POFF] Huli-Man